Welcome to Sandrafeder!

My name is Sandra and I represent the community of Sandrafeder.

We are an online casino at your service. You can trust us to give you a virtual experience no less than that of a land-casino in Vegas. In fact, we offer all the advantages of a land-casino – barring the disadvantages – and way more!

Casinos are considered to be a spot for the rich by default. We offer you most of what LeoVegas  and Royal Vegas casino’s does and even more. Apart from the crazy bonus rewards and free casino money for regulars, we strive to be different and inclusive. Even if you happen to live in one of those regions that highly regulate wagering or ban it, we have rewards for you in kind!

Are You A Socialite?

We offer you the best of what you desire. Imagine socializing at home in your own room just as you would at your usual Casino Resort with familiar faces. With us you can have your fun along with monetary rewards as you play in pleasurable company online. Get your friends to sign-up and live stream your deals without the hassle of dressing up and driving. And honestly, we all know how long do table and dinner reservations take. So just sign-up on Sandrafeder, if you haven’t already and save the trouble!

Are You An Introvert?

You don’t have to give-up on your royal gaming skills at all. Most of the time great talent hiding inside of introverts never gets acknowledged by the world. They need that space and liberty where they don’t feel the pressure of being social. Sandrafeder seeks and promotes talent without jeopardizing the preferences of anyone’s personality. You can earn your rewards in the solitude and comfort of your house. No crowd and no mingling. Pause and play as you like with an automated computer program or a live dealer anytime, anywhere!

Are You An Explorer?

You’ve already been to enough land-casinos and reached your saturation point. You’re also done with playing the best online games of Roulette in Japan. And even if you haven’t, an explorer is often in search of something new and different. Sandrafeder is the right place to rekindle your interest and reach a new peak of fun and bonuses. Customize your avatar or live-stream yourself, you’re in-charge of your adventure and fun. Meet different people and play new games to your satisfaction. We have infinite resources that won’t disappoint you.

Are You A Newbie?

If you’ve been watching casinos from the sidelines and waiting for an opportunity to explore, we’re your calling. You don’t have to wait for an invitation or get into the right social group anymore. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t ever heard the slot bells ring or the different cries of gains and losses. Even if you’ve never been to the Magic Red Casino or played Blackjack, it’s all good with us. We offer you a basic guide smoothly transition into this new world. We promise to provide you with everything that helps you make the most of your innate skills.


No matter who you are, which social or economic background you belong to irrespective of gender – we will fit you perfectly.

Sandrafeder believes in skills and talents of casino-players. We offer a fair start to all with our No Deposit Bonus policy. Sandrafeder is not just another casino that adheres to stereotypes. We are here to shake things up in the online-casino world. All you need to have is an internet connection and an account. The rest, we’ll take care of. We offer online resource guides to build up your game. With us, you can achieve your best and be a top player In return, all we ask of you is to help us be the best online casino community on the world wide web. Experience our online casino services for yourself and make your own judgment. Let’s all level-up!




Read here about the online resource guide.